Neues Live Album: BEATFUNKTION featuring Natascha Flamisch „Live At The Red Horn“

NEW ALBUM! Beat Funktion will release their first ever live album on November 27, recorded in September 29 in 2019 at the Red Horn District during tour in Germany, featuring Austrian soul singer Natascha Flamisch! This will be a digital release plus a few low quantity special edition CDs! Stay tuned!
Beat Funktion feat. Natascha Flamisch ”Live At The Red Horn” …
Natascha Flamisch (voc) | Pal Johnson (ebass) | Jon Eriksson (dr) | Johan Öijen (git) |
Olle Thunström (sax) | Jonne Bentlöv (tr) | Daniel Lantz (rhodes, clavinet)
Credits: Daniel Lantz – producer, mix, master | Ron Heinrich – executive production, cover design | Tobias Heß – audio recording, house sound | Sebastian Flaig – lights | Daniel Becke ( – photos. Special thanks to the Red Horn District team and Jörg Thienelt.

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